'Photographers speak visually... I love to portray your colourful personalities'  

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(photo:Auntie Donna & her niece Rylee)

Portraying colourful personalities is my goal in family & pet portraits.

Photography is what I love to do. I get the biggest joy when shooting portraits of babies, children, family, and pets. Then, what a thrill it is to then present a portrait that is better than they ever imagined.

Photograpers sell an 'idea of a picture' and deliver a 'picture of an idea' (a quote by one of my most inspiring photographic instructors - James Emler)

My focus is portrait photography. I aim to make the family photographic experience as stress-free & fun as possible...not the dreaded outing to the department store where the clock is ticking.

I understand that kids, especially under 5, have mercurial personalities that can sometimes try a parent's patience, but please don't worry. I welcome the antics as it can result in fabulous portraits that scream with your kid's true personality... at least in that particular moment in time.

I strive to make sure Mom, Dad, and all the kids to feel right at home in my home studio. And for convenience, I also have a complete mobile studio I can bring to your home or event.

PS I also shoot great photos of objects that don't wiggle, squirm or are self-consciious of double chin.  I photograph homes, gardens, artwork and flowers.

I enthusiastically accept any horticultural assignments when they come my way, and I even dabble in Real Estate photography.

to be continued... this website is a work in progress... as is Donna, the photographer!



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Donna Budd Photography - You see proofs first BEFORE you invest in prints and photographic products.

Please call Donna for further information or to book a portrait session.

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